Your questions – our answers to Talents United by Transgourmet

For you: here is an overview of the most important FAQs and facts about Talents United by Transgourmet. 

Is registering for the Talents United Programme by Transgourmet subject to a fee?

No, registering for the Talents United by Transgourmet is free of charge. Participating in the programme from 1st until 7th October 2023 is also free of charge.

Who is eligible to participate?

All chefs between 18 and 25 years of age who have a good knowledge of English are entitled to participate in the Talents United Programme by Transgourmet. The prerequisite is that the participants are either training to be a chef or are already working as a chef. The programme is open to aspiring young chefs from Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Romania and Switzerland.

What is the closing date for applications to the Talents United by Transgourmet?

The deadline for applications is 15th July 2023. Unfortunately, applications which reach us after this date and applications that are incomplete cannot be considered.

How can I apply for Talents United by Transgourmet?

Interested young chefs from Austria, Germany, France, and Poland are welcome to apply at Potential candidates from Switzerland will be contacted personally by Transgourmet/Prodega or there will be no application process via this website. This also applies to candidates from Rumania and Poland, who are also from another pool of participants.

What application documentation do I have to send to Transgourmet?

  • Your personal details, including your CV and a high resolution photo of you (min. 300 dpi)
  • Your application video (mov., mp4)
  • The preparation steps for the recipe you create, including the name of the dish
  • A colour photo of the dish that you have prepared (at least 300 dpi)

FYI: Du kannst sämtliche Bewerbungsunterlagen in deiner Landessprache einreichen.

Are there any requirements regarding the recipe which is to be submitted?

Yes, in the case of a recipe you have created, you should comply with the following requirements: As part of the required application documents, an original, creative recipe for a hot dish for four people is required on the topic of “Poultry prepared in at least two different ways”. Details of the ingredients used and the precise quantities must be provided together with the preparation steps.

Will the photos that I send in be published?

Yes, and by submitting your application form, you also confirm that you own the rights to all the photos you have sent in. You do not need to specify an explicit photo credit when you publish the photos that you send in either. If this is still the case, the participating candidate is obliged to make special reference to this.

In forwarding the photos, dishes, recipes etc., the applicant also gives the organiser the right to publish these in its own media and in other media without any obligation for the payment of fees.

How can I submit my application documents?

Please only submit your application in your national language via the following link:

If I submit an application, does this mean that I will automatically be a participant in the Talents United Programme by Transgourmet?

No, sending a completed application form does not guarantee your participation in the Talents United Programme by Transgourmet.

An internal jury in each country will select the participants per country from all applications who are allowed to take part in the Talents United Programme by Transgourmet in Austria from 1st to 7th October 2023. In this context, the jury considers the following criteria to be decisive:

  • craftsmanship
  • creativity in terms of the recipes and preparation
  • originality of the application video
  • correct and complete submission of application documents

All application documents will be assessed by the jury in the above-mentioned categories according to a 10-point system. In this respect, 10 points represent the top score while 0 points represent the worst score.

When and where will the Talents United Programme by Transgourmet take place?

The Talents United Programme by Transgourmet is taking place for the first time in 2023 and will be held in Austria from 1st until 7th October 2023.

Who will pay the costs of participating in the programme?

The organiser, Transgourmet, is responsible for booking the accommodation and will cover the costs of all the items on the programme, including the food and transport. 

Who is responsible for organising the arrival and departure?

The arrival and departure are organised by the Transgourmet branch in the respective participating country – as well as the costs. This is not the responsibility of the host country.

Which language does the programme take place in?

The programme mainly takes place in English. This is due to the participation of candidates from different countries. An adequate knowledge of English is therefore required to participate in the programme.

Will the programme be recorded in the media?

Yes, Talents United by Transgourmet will be documented through a social media campaign. A photographer and a camera team will also accompany the group. The photos and videos will be played back on the respective marketing channels for advertising purposes by the participating Transgourmet countries.

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