Conditions of participation

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La cererea dumneavoastră, vă vom trimite condițiile de participare în limba dumneavoastră națională. 
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Rules & Conditions of Participation

From October 1-7, 2023, Transgourmet Österreich GmbH, Egger-Lienz-Straße 15, 4050 Traun, (hereinafter referred to as 
“Transgourmet Österreich”) will be hosting a talents programme for young junior chefs under the title “Talents United by Transgourmet”.

Article 1: Conditions of Participation

All chefs aged 18 to 25 are entitled to participate in the “Talents United by Transgourmet” talents programme. Another prerequisite for participation is that the participants are currently undergoing cooking training or are currently working as a cook in the respective participating country. The “Transgourmet Talents United” talents programme is open to young talents from Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Romania and Switzerland. Participation in the “Transgourmet Talents United” talents programme is free of charge for the participants and not associated with a purchase obligation. There is no legal entitlement to participate in the Transgourmet talents programme. When submitting the application for 
“Transgourmet Talents United”, the participants agree to be available in Austria from 01.-07.10.2023. The judges’ decision is final.

Article 2: Registration & pre-selection of the participants

Interested parties can register online at between 17 April 2023 and 27 July 2023 and submit the following application documents exclusively using the online form. By registering, the participant confirms that they have read and agreed to these conditions.  
The application documents consist of the following 4 parts and must be complete and easy to read:

  • Application form including CV and photo
  • Application video
  • Recipe description*
  • Colour photo of a fully garnished plate
  • Activity on your own social media channels (followers, content, creativity)

*As part of the required application documents, the participants must submit their original and creative recipe for a hot dish for 4 persons (4 plates) on the topic “Poultry in at least two different ways of preparation”. To realise the recipe for 4 persons (4 plates), the participant must use 1 poultry product in their dish and present it on the plate in at least two different ways of preparation. The ingredients used and the measurements must be indicated in the recipe, including the preparation steps.
The application documents must be uploaded to the website by 27 July 2023. The participant assures that the information provided by them in the context of the registration is true and correct. Each participant shall ensure that their participation in “Transgourmet Talents United” does not violate the existing regulations of the employer. Applications that do not meet the above requirements are invalid and will be excluded from participation. Receipt of the registration is confirmed by an e-mail sent to the e-mail address specified during the registration. Among all applications, two candidates per country will be selected by internal juries of the individual participating countries, who will be allowed to participate in the “Talents United by Transgourmet” talents programme in Austria from 1 to 7 October 2023 and will be allowed to embark on a culinary journey. The following criteria are decisive for the jury:

  • Fulfilment of the task (poultry in at least two different ways of preparation)
  • Creativity in recipe design and on the plate
  • Creativity in the application video
  • Correct and complete submission of documents

The composition of the country juries and their decision regarding the nomination is the responsibility of the group companies in the participating countries. Decisions of the juries are not subject to appeal.  
All decisions are final with regard to the assessment of the submitted contributions. The candidates will be informed of their nomination.  
The nomination for participation in the “Talents United by Transgourmet” talents programme is personal and cannot therefore be transferred to another person.  
If a nominated candidate is not able to participate in “Talents United by Transgourmet”, they have to inform Transgourmet Österreich in good time presenting a certificate stating the reason (e.g. medical certificate) and in this case, the next applicant will take their place and be given the opportunity to participate in the competition.

Article 3: Transgourmet Talents United procedure

The “Talents United by Transgourmet” talents programme will take place from 01.-07.10.2023 in Austria. The participants can find the provisional program at It is continuously updated – programme changes reserved.  

Article 4: Travel costs 

The logistics costs of the participating candidates as well as the costs for the planned programme during the trip will be covered and paid by the Transgourmet Österreich organisation from Sunday, 01 October to Saturday, 07 October 2023 (day of departure). The costs for arrival and departure are covered by the Transgourmet organisation of the respective country represented by them. If candidates do not participate in “Talents United by Transgourmet” without a personal reason certified by proof (especially illness), they have to compensate the frustrated costs.   

Article 5: Permits related to industrial property rights and copyrights

In the event of a nomination, the participants expressly authorise Transgourmet Österreich to publish and reproduce their recipes, specifying the name of the author, and/or to use and edit them for the purpose of advertising the talents programme, including any photographs of these recipes and the candidates, as well as their application videos submitted as part of the registration at The photos and videos taken within the framework of the 
“Transgourmet Talents United” talents programme may be published, reproduced and edited for advertising purposes by Transgourmet Österreich for a period of 10 years after “Talents United by Transgourmet”. This distribution of the name, the reference data and/or the photo of the candidates does not give rise to any claim for a financial contribution in their favour. If any submission violates the rights of third parties or such violation is claimed by third parties, the participants undertake to completely indemnify and hold Transgourmet Österreich harmless from any claims or demands arising from the use of the submitted documents (according to these General Conditions of Participation). The candidates acknowledge that Transgourmet Österreich does not assume any liability whatsoever for injuries, losses, costs, damage or disappointments of any kind arising in whole or in part, directly or indirectly from the participation in the “Talents United by Transgourmet” event or during its preparation and implementation. In case this is not permissible, liability shall in any case be limited to gross negligence.

Article 6: Changes

Transgourmet Österreich reserves the right to change the present rules and the programme of the “Talents United by Transgourmet” talents programme from October 01 to 07, 2023 if necessary or to cancel the event. There is no legal entitlement to participate in the application process or programme or individual related services on part of Transgourmet Österreich. In this respect, a claim for compensation of the participants is excluded.

Article 7: Miscellaneous

Transgourmet Österreich cannot be held liable in the event of a technical event which interrupts the Internet connection of the participants or leads to loss, delay, sending to a wrong address or incomplete storage of the data from the correspondence of the participant, regardless of whether this was done by postal or electronic means.  
The organisational company cannot be held liable for false or inaccurate information caused by users of the website or any equipment or programs related to the organisation or used in the organisation of this contest. The organisational company declines any liability for any event related to the use of the computer for Internet access, the telephone line or any other technical event.

Article 7: Data privacy statement

The controller (Art. 4 (7) General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) for the data processing is Transgourmet Österreich GmbH, FN 185232a, Egger-Lienz-Straße 15, 4050 Traun. For participation in the talents programme, the data notified by the participants will be stored and processed. This includes all personal data, including contact details of the participants, which are contained in the registration documents they have submitted. It is first of all necessary to determine whether the conditions for participation are fulfilled and, in the event of a nomination, to notify the candidates, as well as to organise their trip and stay with “Talents United at Transgourmet”.  
The processing of the data of the nominated candidates is finally indispensable and essential for the preparation, implementation, application and the later marketing of the programme in the interest of the candidates and the nominated candidates explicitly agree to this use of their data. If the data mentioned is not made available, participation in the talents programme is thus not possible. The legal basis for the data processing is Art. 6 (1) (a) and (b) GDPR. The personal data will be stored for 10 years after the programme. The personal data collected within the scope of the present talents programme will be stored and processed by Transgourmet Österreich. The participants are advised that all personal data stored in connection with the talents programme referred to here will be exclusively passed on to Transgourmet Österreich or its group companies in the respective countries where they are managed and assume full responsibility for compliance with the regulations and privileges derived from data protection law. Transfer of the nominees' data to service companies that are used within the framework of this talents programme is included in the candidates' consent. The data will not be transferred to other persons or companies.

All participants in this competition have the right to information, access, rectification and, after 10 years, also to erasure of the data disclosed in the participation forms vis-à-vis Transgourmet Österreich and its group companies in the other participating countries as recipients of this personal data collected in the context of “Talents United by Transgourmet”. The participants who have not been nominated to participate in the talents programme have the right to object to the further use of their data after October 07, 2023 and to demand their erasure at kundenstamm [at] or by mail to Egger-Lienz-Straße 15, 4050 Traun.  
The nominated candidates agree that Transgourmet Österreich as well as group companies in the other participating countries (Transgourmet Frankreich, Transgourmet Schweiz, Transgourmet Deutschland, Transgourmet Polen, Transgourmet Rumänien) may make and publish photos and videos for advertising purposes free of charge.

Article 8: General provisions

All decisions are final in connection with the participation in the competition. Austrian law applies to the participation in the talents programme. The parties agree on the jurisdiction of the court factually competent for Traun for all disputes arising from the participation.  
Writing errors reserved. Documents and photos without obligation.