Servus Vienna!
First things first

First things first: You arrive in style – in the culinary melting pot of Vienna.

After checking in at the Hotel Motto, you connect with the other aspiring chefs. At the joint welcome dinner, you have time for inspiring conversation, fancy food and fine drinks.

Eat your (micro) greens!

Let's get started! Tips for food presentation, social media insights, and creative networking are on today‘s agenda.

Have you ever heard of “vertical farming”? After visiting Herbeus Greens, our top producer of micro greens, you’ll pretty much be an expert – thanks to the behind-the-scenes insights and food tasting.

Your journey continues with a relaxed city stroll, including a dinner with views over Vienna.

Level up your skills!

During a 4-hours workshop with Cook-Executive-Chef Leo will show essential tips for food presentation. Blogger Eva will provide insights into social media and tips on building your own community. Let's get creative and connect together!

Behind the scenes at Herbeus Greens

Kick-off: Tour & tasting at Herbeus Greens, our top producer of micro greens. 

Learn from the professionals, and benefit from next level learning on the topic of “vertical farming”!

Vienna with a view

During your stroll around Vienna, you’ll get to know the world-beating metropolis from its most beautiful side – literally.

After all, the legendary views are included with your dinner.

Coq au vin?

Welcome to Lower Austria – welcome to Waldland! A partner company of Transgourmet which is redefining agriculture and showing that poultry farming can be done differently. 

The next step on your tour takes you to the Wachau vineyard in Dürnstein. The visit to the wine estate, followed by the wine tasting, provide the proof: a top location and top wines are the perfect combination! 

On the trail of alternatives with Waldland

Our partner company shows how plant cultivation and animal husbandry can be done differently.

Gain insights into special crops, grazing stables and more.

Fine wine at the Wachau vineyard

Would you like to take a tour of the award-winning wine estate followed by a relaxing trip on the Danube?

Yes, please! Including fine wines and abundant know-how.

Add some zest!

Right after breakfast in Krems, our journey continues towards Salzburg. We'll be heading to Moosdorf to dive into the fascinating world of spices at Stay Spiced! Get ready to spend a few hours exploring the captivating realm of flavors and aromas.

But that’s not all! At Hangar 7, you will explore the stylish location for starred Salzburg gastronomy, and enjoy an exclusive look behind the scenes. 

Finally, at the joint dinner, allow yourself to be impressed by the kitchen skills of the Salzburg master chefs. 


Ready to spice things up at Stay Spiced ! Join the ultimate flavor journey with our guru of spices, Lukas. In this workshop, you'll dive deep into the origins and processing techniques of spices, gaining all the necessary know-how. But wait, there's more! Get ready to personalize your very own spice blend before we bid farewell to the world of spices.

Off to Salzburg

At Hangar 7, you will start with a guided tour of the stylish location before enjoying an exklusive look behind the scenes of this famous site – top cooking skills ahead!

Do it like a chef

Back in Vienna and it’s time to continue – with some focused know-how! Join Silvio Nickol, the absolute top-chef of gourmet cuisine, at his culinary workshops, and gain interesting insights into the world of starred gastronomy. 

Time for a sparkling evening: On a guided tour and tasting session at Schlumberger, we take a deep dive into the production, storage and variety of flavours offered by Austrian sparkling wine. Cheers!

Workshops from leading chef Silvio Nickol

An exclusive workshop with the leading chef of starred cuisine?

No problem! Silvio Nickol will teach you the juicy details of gastronomic culture for culinary pioneers.

Tour of Vienna for non-tourists

A matter of taste: While half of the Transgourmet Talents participate in the workshop, the other half enjoys a nice insider tour of Vienna.

A sparkling time – in the Schlumberger cellar worlds

On a guided tour including sparkling wine tasting at the house of Schlumberger, you find out all about the production, storage and variety of flavours of the Austrian sparkling wine.

Dinner powered by Mayer at Pfarrplatz

See your day out in the cosy atmosphere of one of the most traditional taverns in Vienna.

You will be joined by: typical Austrian cuisine and relaxed vibes.

Let’s get lost in Vienna!

What’s new? If anyone knows, Pierre Nierhaus will! The trend- and change expert for hospitality and lifestyle knows exactly which concepts are booming in the gastro world, and shows you the leading hotspots in Vienna. 

At the farewell dinner in the evening, you can look back on your week together with your fellow aspiring chefs for a joint review.

Make it trendy!

Learn all about the new culinary concepts from trend expert Pierre Nierhaus – in terms of hospitality and from the gastronomic perspective at the food tasting throughout Vienna.

Farewell dinner

At the joint dinner, you can raise your glass together with the Transgourmet talents once again – to a successful week of mind-blowing experiences!

Time to say goodbye
The end of our road trip...

You’ve reached the end of our Austrian food tour.

That’s why it’s time to check out and return home – with lots of new impressions, having learned many new things, and new goals for yourself and your career.


Our program

Our programme - Talents United by Transgourmet
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Do stylish food aesthetics and exciting news from the gastro world sound good?

Here you go: We are inviting you and nine other aspiring chefs on the culinary road trip of the year. Destination: Austria.

In 2023, the Alpine Republic is showing what it offers in terms of taste trends. Workshops with the GOATs of gastronomy, exceptional tastings and connections with top Transgourmet suppliers provide for plenty of food-related inspiration and present modern cuisine at its finest. What awaits you and the highlights that are planned for you – the Talents United Programme at a glance ...